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How to Log-in

1. Type in your desirable ID, and press "OK". You should see "My ID Card" page.

2. On "My ID Card" tab, scroll and select your favorite character by clicking on the names of characters. Character image will appear on top. This is going to be your avatar on screen. You can always come back to "My ID Card" tab and select a new character.

3. Input your personal profile, such as your Chat ID, real name, gender, age and URL of your home page. Also, you can input any information you would like to share on the "profile" box. All the information you input will be accessible to other users of UniChat. This is optional.

4. Do not press "OK" in the bottom of "My Info". It will create a new separate room. Instead click on the "Channels List" tab.

How to enter a Chat room

1. To enter a Chat room, click on "Channels List" tab. You should see a list of rooms on the center screen. All the rooms have been created by the UniChat users.

2. Select the room with a topic that interests you the most, and click on the code on the left column. Then click "OK". The right column shows the numbers of users on each room.

3. This will take you to the chat room you have selected. If you want to create a new room with a new chat topic, click on the "New Channel" tab on the top of the browser.


1. Refresh: Pressing this button will update the new chat rooms available.

2. All Members List: This button will show you all the users connected to UniChat.

3. Go to Unichat World Rooms: There are two different sets of rooms: 1) Topic based and 2) World room. Topic based chat will allow people to create their own topics. World room does not have specific topics, but all the rooms I interconnected. Pressing on this button will allow you to switch between list of topic based and world rooms.

How to create a Chat room

1. To create a new chat room, click on "New Channel" tab. You should see a screen with a list of setting names.

2. Look through the list, and select your favorite chat background, for example "Snow Village".

3. Then, go to the top and type in a topic for the chat room on "Channel Title".

4. You have an option of making your new chat room public or private by either clicking on the "private" or "public" bubble. If you want to create a private room, type in a password. You will have to let others who you would like to invite this password in order for them to enter your room.

5. Then click "OK" on the bottom to enter the chat room you have just created.

Chat View

1. When you enter the chat room, you can either navigate the room using the arrow keys or the mouse. Using the arrow keys is much easier. Left and right arrows will allow the your character to turn left and right. Up and down arrows will allow you to move forward or backwards, respectively.

2. To communicate with others, type in a message on the bar located on the bottom left of the screen. Press return on your keyboard and the message will appear inside a bubble above your character on screen.

3. The following is the description of each buttons.

- Look up Channels: This button will take you to the Profile and Channel List interface. Use this Use this button to move to other chat rooms or to make a new chat room or change your personal information or character.

- Look up Members: This button will provide you with a list of members in a room.

- Look up Chat History: This button provides a text version of 3d graphic chat. Use this button to go back and look at what others have said in past conversations.

How to Execute Special Actions and Emotions

1. In Unichat, you can make your character laugh, cry, punch, etc. You can also show various emotions.

2. Using the right mouse button, click on your character.

3. A menu will pop up with a list of commands, such as laugh, cry, punch, morph, etc. By clicking on a specific command, you can express emotions to others in the chat room.

4. On the right side of each emotion and action, you will see control keys. You can easily use these control keys to express your emotions to others instead of using the mouse. For instance, you can make your avatar laugh by pressing both control key and numeric 1 key on your keyboard.

How to look up other users' information

1. Click on other person's character with your right mouse button

2. You will see a list of following items: - Member info: You can access other people's profile, which includes age, gender, name, etc. Click on the member's nickname. Go to "member info" for Chat ID, name, gender, age. Click on Profile for any additional information.

- Voice: This feature will be added on to the service soon.

- Whisper to: If you want to send a private message to other party, use this feature. The message will be sent only to the person you have selected.

- Ignore: If there's anyone who abuses you or you don't want to talk with, you can simply select this feature to ignore him/her. He/she will be shown as a stationary character on your chat browser.

- Kick out: If you are a host, you can kick out anyone who abuses or offends you or other people in your chat room. However, only the host of the chat room can execute this feature. The host position can be transferred to someone else.

- Make host: If you are a host of a chat room and want to leave the room, you can transfer your host authority to another person using this feature. - Homepage: If the person has registered his/her home page URL in his/her personal profile section, you can access his/her home page by selecting this feature.


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