how to use?

Unichat Animated Chatting Software:

Unichat is a really cool graphical chatting program that allows you to select online avatars and interact with other users on the Internet. Meet new friends and keep in touch of old ones with our fun service! Click below to download the Unichat client (approx. 2.4MB).

Click Here to download: <Unichat2.exe>


1. Click on the above download link and save "uc_setup.exe" to your local hard drive.

2. Double-click on the "uc_setup.exe" file

3. Click the "Setup" button from Winzip Self Extractor which should install the software on your computer.

4. Double-click on the Unichat shortcut on your desktop or go to your Windows Start task bar and go to "Start->Programs->Unichat->Unichat" to launch the Unichat software.

5. Have fun!

System Requirements:

1. 486 or above IBM-PC compatible PC (Pentium PC recommended)

2. Windows 95/98 or NT

3. 16 MB or more main memory (32 MB or more recommended)

4. 8 MB or more available hard disk space (10 MB or more recommended)



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